International Student Application Information

Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be available in early December. Applications are due March 1st, 2018.

International Student Advisory

Thank you for your interest in the International Student program at Milpitas Christian School. All inquiries for international student admissions and enrollment shall be directed to Brittany McCauley, Milpitas Christian School Registrar. You may contact her at 1-408-945-6530 Ext. 11202, or


Helpful Perspective
Before an international student is admitted, their English language fluency will be determined. Milpitas Christian reserves the right to require E.L.L. tutoring (English Language Learner) for any international student who is not capable of understanding and following instructions in English. The tutoring would be an additional expense to the international student's family. 
Because it is likely to be stressful for both the hosts and the child that is adjusting to a new home and a new culture, we encourage you to talk with us often. If there is any part of the adjustment that seems to be too stressful for the student, please let us know right away. We have learned that it is very helpful when the ‘parents’ and teachers talk with each other, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your questions or concerns.
Please recognize that Milpitas Christian requires a strong commitment from the adult sponsor of an international student. We must have their support and cooperation to make the learning, cultural, and language experience a successful one for the student. We do charge a higher rate of tuition for International students, due to the additional time and effort required in the admissions and educational process for these individuals.
Important International Student Application Documents for school year 2017-2018
The following links provide access to documents that are required to be completed and in total constitute the International Student application for admission to Milpitas Christian School.

  1. International Student - School Overview
  2. International Student - Student Policy
  3. International Student - Application for Admission
  4. International Student - Questionnaire
  5. International Student - Statement of Faith
  6. International Student - Santa Clara County Immunization Requirements
  7. International Student - Financial Disclosure Statement
  8. International Student - Current English Teacher Reference
  9. International Student - Current Math Teacher Reference
  10. International Student - Pastoral Reference
  11. International Student - Adult Reference
  12. International Student - Parent - Guardian Written Statement